Regulations of the European Dance Championship;
1) all professional and amateur participants must come from one of the European countries or represent one of them,
2) open to all dance federations,
3) The rules to follow for competitions will be published by July 27th 2021,
4) For the Professional and Amateur categories the jury will be made up of 11 judges, with a maximum presence of two judges from the same nation.
5) The prize money for Professionals and Amateurs will be provided,
6) the use of prohibited drugs and stimulants is strictly prohibited,
7) Registrations are open from today till 1st of September 2021.

Registration Fees
Professions, Amateurs, Youth: 90 €
Junior, Juveniles: 70 €
Solo (5 dances): 50 €

Public Ticket for 2021 European Championships
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