Ranking Rules.

All EUROPEAN DANCE TOUR events promote transparency and equality.
Each competition ON THE CALENDAR is assigned the corresponding number of points based on the position.
Points are awarded in the finals and semifinals for Amateur Latin and Ballroom.
Each ride has its own prize money and an additional prize money called GRAND TOTAL will be awarded at the end of the tour.
The number of points obtained in the competition is added to the leaderboard after each competition until the end of the year (Last competition.
At the end of the round, based on the rankings, the top 3 first classified are awarded and the GRAND TOTAL of the last competition is awarded, the names of the connected winners EDT OF WINNERS are selected.
Please note that you must enter a minimum of 6 Competitions to receive the prize money, in the absence of this entry number, notification of the winner will still be communicated and displayed, but the prize money will not be awarded.
The Ranking can also be updated every 2 Competitions.

More EDT rules

1) The Competitions to be included in the Circuit are approved by the EDO Board of Directors, and proposed by at least 3 members.

2) Each Organizing Member must request judges, exclusively from another EDO member (1 x member), cannot in any case invite a judge from a country already represented by an EDO member without the consent of the CDA. And the final judging panel must have at least 51% EDO member judges.

3) Each Edo member is the only one who can choose the judge for his country in each individual EDT competition, if required.

4) Judges in EDT must hold a license recognized by the board of EDO.

5) The competitions must be managed in compliance with the rules recognized and chosen by EDO.

6) The EDT Ranking System is composed as follows:

1st – 100 points, 2nd – 80 points, 3rd – 60 points, 4th – 50 points, 5th – 40 points, 6th – 30 points, 7th (in Final) – 20 points, SEMIFINAL – 10 points .

7) The EDO & EDT Logo, Protected and Registered, must be clearly visible on the websites and on the posters of the circuit races.

8) The Legal Representative of EDT is the President of EDO.

9) The new competitions will have to choose the date of the event respecting the dates already fixed, and never exceeding the limit of 2 competitions per month (in exceptional cases max 3).

10) If a competition does not maintain the standards of the majority of other EDT competitions, it can be excluded the following year with the favorable opinion of 51% of the voting EDO members.