Rules of 


1) Enrollment in the Championship is open to all and does not require a membership card or membership in a particular institution.
2) All professional or amateur participants must come from one of the European countries or officially represent one of them.
3) By delivering and sending the registration form, whether online or on paper, all participants ACCEPT THE RULES, and above all declare to be in possession of insurance for any health or other problem that may occur during the Championship, thus fully exempting EDO and the organizers from any responsibility.
4) The judges will be nominated by the EDO Members, and accepted by the BOD, after careful examination, and must be in possession of a high-profile International license (WDSF-WDC-WDO).
5) For the Professional and Amateur categories the jury will be composed of 11 judges, while for the other categories a minimum of 9 will be accepted.
6) Prize will be provided for Professionals and Amateurs,
7) The use of prohibited drugs and stimulants is strictly prohibited,
8) All guidelines for the restricted competitions (U12) are to be referred to the BDC. As well as the restrictions for the syllabus.