Ranking Rules.

Each competition is awarded the corresponding number of points based on the position. Points are awarded in the finals, semifinals and quarterfinals for Latin amateurs and ballroom. All EUROPEAN DANCE TOUR events are the same without ANY absolute discretion of the EDT BOD. and as such they promote transparency and equality.
Each race has its own prize pool and at the end of the tour an additional prize pool called GRAND TOTAL will be awarded.

 The number of points scored on the competition is added to the ranking after each competition until the end of the year.

At the end of the tour, based on the rankings, the first 3 first places are assigned and the GRAND TOTAL is assigned in the last competition, the names of the connected winners selected EDT OF THE WINNERS.



1st – 140 points

2nd – 120 points

3rd – 100 points

4th – 80 points

5th – 60 points

6th – 50 points

7th (in the final) – 40 points

 SEMIFINAL – 30 points

 QUARTERLY FINAL – 20 points

Couples must dance at least 4 tour competitions to claim the prize.


 Prizes recommended by the minimum:

 1st place – 2000 €

 2nd place – 1000 €

 3rd place – 500 €